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High School
The School’s Historical Background

The Akaki Gymnasium began operating as a three-form Gymnasium during the school year 1979-1980. Beginning with its establishment and until September 1987, the school was housed in a building of the Primary School of Akaki and due to limited space it was attended only by students coming from the communities of Akaki and Menoiko. 
The new school building was completed in 1987 and since then it has been housing the School. In fact, the establishment and expansion of the educational region has resulted in the school receiving students from the communities of Akaki, Menoiko, Peristerona, Astromeritis, Orounta, Kato Moni, Agia Marina Xyliatou and Xyliatos.
In the school year 1988-1989, the Gymnasium was renamed to Akaki Regional Gymnasium since it is attended by students from a wide range of villages of the area.   
During the present school year (2014-2015) the school is attended by 255 students allocated in 12 forms. As far as the staff is concerned, apart from the Headmistress, there is also a Deputy Headmaster A, three Deputy Headmasters and 34 teachers working either full or part time.
As of 1987, a State Institute of Education also operates at the Gymnasium.

A brief description of the premises

The school building is located along the main road leading from Nicosia to Troodos. Its northern side overlooks the occupied mountain range of Pentadaktylos, while towards the south the view overlooks the bay of the occupied town of Morfou. 
The building premises consist of 12 classrooms, offices, a staff room, a library, an entertainment hall, special labs (Language, Music, History, Mathematics, Biology), as well as fully equipped Chemistry, Physics, Home Economics, Art, ICT, Technology and Design labs. What is also noteworthy is that the school also maintains a large Multiple Purpose Hall and Sports Centre of European Standards. The hall is used both to conduct PE lessons and in-school events, as well as by various sports federations for training and games. Finally, the building is surrounded by pitches and courts, a track, garden and other outdoor spaces.   

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