Preserved in Akaki are the remains of watermills which used to pump water from the river of Akaki. Georgios M. Manoloudes, in his book “Akaki- History and Tradition"*, cites information regarding the watermills located east of the river, as well as about one located in the west.

Located east of the river are the following watermills:

To Paliomyli
Only a part of the mill is preserved and it is situated at the location Piskopos – Anagkia.

The Mill of Tsigkis
The particular mill is the most well-preserved mill in Akaki and it is found at the location Pyrgos – Pervolia. According to testimonies by senior residents of the community, it operated until 1928.

To Myloui
It is an old watermill which was probably built by the Franks and it is located near the church of Metamorphosis.

The Mill of Papa-Nikolas
This particular mill was operated by Father Nikolas until 1915, as senior residents of the community claim. It is located somewhere between the Primary School and Agia Varvara.

The Mill of Hodja
The Mill of Hodja was built on a large estate which, as Manoloudes* preserves, used to belong to Savvas Kakos until it was confiscated in 1821. There, the Hodja built a flour mill operating with water. In particular, the power produced by the force of the water used to rotate the mill machine. More: “Hodja’s Watermill” Museum

The Other Watermill
In the past there used to be another watermill in the area. This was located in the threshing floor of Kyriakos Ttaouksis, where one can today find new residences.

Located in the west bank of the river, at the location Plevra, is another watermill known as Paliomyli. The watermill appears to be older than the drainpipe which existed in the area and was built in 1900. 

Georgios M. Manoloudes,  “AKAKI – History and Tradition”, April 2001