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Athletic Association <<Ellinismos>>
“ELLINISMOS” was established in 1924. The Association’s goals are as follows:
  • To remain loyal to the ideals of our country.
  • To promote and develop a sense of solidarity and mutual help amongst the Members.
  • To develop sports.
  • To boost the social, spiritual, ethical and cultural development of the Members and the residents of Akaki in general.
  • To maintain friendly relationships with other Federations, Clubs and Organisations.

The Administrative Committee is formed by:

President - Cashier Charis Papathomas
Vice President Ntinos Pierides  
Secretary Takis Orfanou
Football Manager Nikos Pierides
Academy Manager Charalampos Charalampous
Event Manager Louis Papandreou


The association holds the following events:

  • National Celebrations – National Memorials
  • Lectures on various topics
  • Recreational events such as the Watermelon Festival and the Easter Event
“ELLINISMOS” cooperates with EDON Akakiou, Clubs of the area and the Football and Handball Federations. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the association maintains a football team, Football Academies and four handball teams. Source:
Information retrieved from the recorded history and photo album of the Association during the 90 years of its presence and contribution.

 January 2021 
Community Council of Akaki
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Akaki Square
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