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Natural Environment

Strolling along Akaki, one encounters countless “images of natural beauty”, including the river and its banks, the location “Kattokremmos”, the age-long olive trees and the cultivated pieces of land which look different in every season.

One of the most beautiful sights of Akaki and the wider region in general is probably the River Akaki. Its beauty is complemented by the huge volumes of pebbles carried by the water from the mountain range of Troodos, as well as the age-long olive trees that are found in abundance in the eastern bank of the river.

Particularly interesting is the location “Kattokremmos”, where one can encounter marine fossils.

In Akaki there are several cultivated land expanses. In particular, there are watermelon, potato, vegetable, olive, grain and other seasonal cultivations such as beans.

A special place among the cultivations is held by olive cultivation, which has always been developed. In fact, the residents of the community have dealt with olive cultivation ever since the ancient years and this is revealed by the age-long olive trees and the six olive-oil pressers. In the past years, olive cultivation has developed so much that the groves cover an expanse of more than 10 square kilometres.

The natural beauty of the village is elevated by some of the Community Council’s actions. In particular, the Council has proceeded with tree planting in the river bed using a variety of tree types.

As far as the fauna of Akaki is concerned, this is similar to the fauna encountered in all lowland areas of Cyprus.


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Giorgos Karouzis, Strolling Around Cyprus, Nicosia, (City and District), Nicosia 2002

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