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Six olive mills used to be in operation in Akaki and this was due to the large olive grove of the area which boosted the production of olive oil.

Of the six olive mills in the village only one is still salvaged. This is the Mill of Hadjiantonis, the remains of which can be found in the heart of the old village, on Rodos Street. Three other mills, which used to be located very close to one another, were the following: The Mill of Hadjittofas or Kousoulis, the Mill of Hadjipieries and the Mill of Tsigkis. 

The Mill of Hadjittofas or Kousoulis used to be located on Anexartisias Street while across the street was the Mill of Hadjipieres. Also located on the same street, in the house of Christos Podinas, was the Mill of Tsigkis.

The aforementioned Mills operated, according to Manoloudes, until the 1920-1930s and consisted of, similarly to all other mills at the time, a stone and a stony basin, which rotated with the help of an animal or human.

The other Mill was the Mill of Hodjas, who built an olive mill in the building of his flour mill. The Mill of Hodja consists of an olive mill with a presser and modern separator.

The newest Mill in Akaki is the Mill of Michaelis of Yiakoumis, who is in quite a good condition. This mill operated with a machine but it was not equipped with a modern presser and a separator.

Georgios M. Manoloude,  “Akaki – History and Tradition”, April 2001

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