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Chapel of Agia Paraskevi

The church of Agia Paraskevi is located in the area of Agia Paraskevi, at a location where prior to its construction there used to be a seven-metre deep well with holy water. This well, according to Manoloudes, used to be maintained by Elias Lazari and it used to supply hunters and farmers of the area with water either to drink or wash. 

The construction of the church is linked to Michalakis Antrea Pelekanou, who used to light Agia Paraskevi’s candle every night, which was placed in a metal box along with a small icon. Afterwards, he tried to build the church himself, but eventually needed the help of his fellow villagers who responded in his call. First, an unofficial committee consisting of Soteris L. Hadjiconstantinou, Savvas K. Karaniki, Theocharis Papathoma and Nikos Alexandrou was formed and in fact, this committee managed to complete the construction of the church. Recently, with the help of our fellow villagers and the expatriates of the Community, the church was renovated and lined with stone, while hagiographies are being painted on its walls.  


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